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Is Merino Wool really better than the synthetic alternatives on the market?
Absolutely and in many ways. The incredibly comfortable merino wool component is well known (as the rapidly growing merino garment industry demonstrates) for compression socks in particular. The natural moisture- and temperature-control components make it ideal for wear for long periods; add to this the natural odour-inhibition and you have the perfect next-to-skin medical device.See link
Why the unusual design with the two layers and zipper at the back?
Many years of research went in to the design of the Encircle products leading to a range of international patents. The research included getting into the mindset of compression users via a range of programmes. The ease of application and long-wear comfort were recurrent themes. Being able to apply the two layers just like donning a normal sock adding the compression in stages has been a major benefit of Encircle. The zipper with the protective bridge for the higher compression level garments has received great praise from users and practitioners around the world; not just for further ease of application, but the benefit of temporary release of pressure when compression becomes uncomfortable for patients. This is hugely important for the benefits of compression to be achieved.


Where can I buy Encircle products?
To locate and contact your nearest Encircle stockist in New Zealand please go to our store locator and select your location and region. Encircle is available nationwide throughout New Zealand in leading pharmacies and health stores.
For New Zealand Customer enquiries please call USL Medical on toll free 0800 658 814 or email
For all international product and stockist enquiries, or to see if Encircle is available near you please contact:

Washing & Product Care

Does Encircle keep working after washes?
Yes and the natural tendency of wool to re-establish its size after washing means that it keeps on working. A trial run by materials scientists showed that Encircle merino wool socks very closely retained their compression after washing by returning to the original size, whereas synthetic materials immediately and significantly expand in circumference and thereby lose compression – straight from first wash.
Is it true that Encircle socks don't get as smelly as others?
Wool has natural antimicrobial and antibacterial attributes that strongly inhibit odour development. Merino wool is becoming a textile of choice for many endurance athletes as well as fitness enthusiasts at all levels for the comfort, temperature moderation and odour control benefits.


Why use compression for DVT prevention?
The main cause of deep vein thrombosis is lack of blood flow in the lower limb caused by long periods of sedentary positioning (such as long travel, or long periods of work at a desk) and compression socks are a proven, highly effective method to enhance blood flow.