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Health Advantages

How Compression Socks Could Benefit You

Much of Encircle's comfort advantage is due to the use of merino fibre next to the skin. Unlike synthetic fibres, merino is breathable and hygroscopic, making it capable of absorbing and desorbing moisture vapour from the external environment or body microclimate (between the body and the compression garment).

Encircle's bi-component fabric is constructed from merino fibre (inside) and ThermoCool and elastane (outside), which combine to provide an effective micro-environment for healing and compressive support for circulatory regulation. Read more about the healing properties of merino below.



At higher humidity, merino can hold up to 30% of its own weight without feeling damp to the touch.

Merino's ability to absorb large amounts of moisture allows it to buffer the body's microclimate against changing conditions. When there is a rise in humidity in the microclimate between the skin and the merino fabric, moisture vapour is absorbed then transported and released into the air outside of the fabric, keeping you dry and reducing clamminess.

Synthetic fibres, because of their low moisture absorbency in all conditions, cannot influence the body microclimate in this way.

Prevents microbial growth

Made from merino wool, Encircle compression garments regulate the skin environment, trapping odour and creating an inhospitable environment for microbial growth so they are more comfortable and can be worn for three times longer than man made fibre garments without laundering. These properties are advantageous when wound healing is a factor.

Merino is naturally odour reducing due to its physical and chemical structure. The ability of merino to absorb and transport moisture (sweat) away from the skin where it evaporates into the air, prevents bacteria developing and producing unpleasant body odours.

Merino fibres are scaly on their surface, which creates anĀ inhospitable environment for microbial growth. Bacteria are not attracted to or able to penetrate the scales, like they can with the smooth, positively charged surface of a synthetic fibre.

Encircle's anti-microbial environment provides increased comfort and you can wear them for three times longer than manmade fibre garments without laundering.

ThermoCool technology

Encircle Medical Devices has utilised the properties in merino and developed a bi-component fabric structure with ThermoCool; a polyester multifilament yarn supplied for use in the medical domain. By combining merino with ThermoCool, which has a hydrophilic surface, Encircle creates a moisture gradient that actively absorbs moisture vapour and liquid moisture in a wearer's skin environment transporting it by capillary action towards the exterior of the garment, where it is released.