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Wearing Your Compression Sock Correctly

Because blood in the lower limb and foot has the longest distance to travel back to the heart, we have developed a range of knee-high garments that can be selected to meet your individual needs. Encircle Compression Therapy is measured by a class system related to pressure applied (in mmHg) to the limb.

How to apply the Encircle Class A Inner

Apply Class A by sliding it over your foot and heel, and aligning the small green indicator markings with your limb so it is positioned correctly, relative to your body. Then pull it up your legs and align the top marker so it is centred on the front of your leg. Remove any folds and wrinkles.


How to apply the Class 1, 2 & 3 Outer

Unzip the zipper and slide the outer over your foot while wearing your inner layer Class A garment. Position the garment relative to your limb using the indicator markings. Pull it up the leg and remove any wrinkles.

For added support, close the zipper. Hold down the small tab below the zip while pulling on the zipper - this helps straighten the zipper so it closes easily. If the pressure becomes uncomfortable, you may open the zipper for temporary relief.