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Encircle Class A+2 Firm is a two layer compression garment system ideal for added prevention and support in the treatment of lymphoedema, venous stasis, varicose veins, venous ulcers and DVT.

The Class A+2 compression system includes a merino inner layer next-to-skin sock to encourage healing, as well as a firm outer garment worn over the inner layer to increase compressive support and blood velocity with a higher/firmer (22-30mmHg) level of care.

The outer layer also has a unique pressure release system which includes a zipper and elasticated bridge detail, which in use, provides two predetermined levels of compression. When applied in this way the 2 layers systematically create a pressure gradient within the venous system that can easily be applied and used without clinical assistance.

Recommended Applications 

Aides in the prevention and treatment of:

  • Swelling and Oedema
  • Lymphoedema
  • Hypertension & Venous Stasis
  • Varicose Veins
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Ulceration

Specification and Features 

  • Inner + outer layer single leg system
  • Merino microenvironment
  • Antimicrobial and odour inhibiting properties
  • Indicator markings
  • Graduated compression 22-30mmHg
  • Pressure release zipper
  • Self application without clinical intervention
  • Bi-component textiles
  • Outer Fibre Composition: 45% Merino Wool, 46% Polyester, 9% Elastane
  • Inner Fibre Composition: 45 % Merino Wool, 40% Elastane, 15% Nylon

Size & Fit 

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