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Encircle Compression Therapy System

Supporting the Treatment of DVT and Veinous Conditions

Encircle Compression Therapy is a natural and non-invasive method clinically proven to help prevent and treat circulatory problems and poor venous blood flow in the limbs.

Compression is a recommended therapeutic treatment for oedema, hyperpigmentation and discolouration of the skin, venous eczema, varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and ulceration.

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User research has identified that existing compression garments are uncomfortable, hot and difficult to apply, leading to greater levels of non-conformance where the therapy is prescribed; thereby reducing efficacy for the patient.

Encircle differs greatly from standard products in several key areas. The next-to-skin merino component provides increased long-term comfort, the two layer system enables self application by the patient and the pressure release mechanism enables the patient to temporarily relieve the total level of pressure when wearing for long periods. And critically, for the effective specification, sale and education of the customer, Encircle has a specification system intrinsically linked to the physical embodiment of the product to streamline diagnosis. Please view the table below to read more about the unique effects of Encircle.

Competitor Weakness Encircle Strength

Constructed from synthetic materials that result in discomfort through overheating and excessive perspiration.

Merino microenvironment: Encircle is constructed using a unique bi-component material, harnessing the next-to-skin performance of natural merino fibre. Merino increases the lifespan from 0-3 months to 6-9 months of daily use.

Difficult to apply. Patients (especially elderly) find compression very difficult to apply and remove (leading to poor compliance with prescribed therapy).

A two-layer system with specific visual and mechanical aids integrated into the textile, enabling easier application, which aids therapy conformance.

The pressure builds up from prolonged periods of application, resulting in non-compliance.

Pressure release: Pressure build-up is managed by the new textiles ability to control stretch and the ability for a patient to temporarily relieve pressure without removing the product

Difficult to specify the correct compression. Nurses and clinicians find it difficult to specify the correct compression therapy (resulting in non-compliance).

The specification system: A measurement system is connected to the product, encompassing sizing and structure, and enabling easier, more accurate specification.