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Encircle has been developed and tested to deliver the required levels of compression and physiological benefit within the final product design configuration. Preliminary product efficacy testing (phase one Doppler ultrasound clinical trials) undertaken independently by the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand has shown Encircle to reduce vein diameter and increase blood velocity, the two key metrics which determine the clinical effectiveness of any therapy used to prevent the buildup of hydrostatic pressure in the venous system.

The overall results from the pooled data are very promising. Being able to demonstrate an emerging pattern from pooling a small group of people is a good outcome. There was a clear reduction in vein diameter with the lightest Encircle garment.

Professor Richard Beasley, CEO of the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand and an internationally recognized specialist in the field of Deep Vein Thrombosis said:

Figure 12 MRINZ Clinical Testing Results (Product Efficacy Testing)

Encircle entered stage two clinical method of limits trials in mid 2010 which proved product efficacy using 30 distributed subjects. This study has already been approved by the New Zealand Ethics Committee. Subsequent testing provided sampling to a wide number of patients and assess their care over a period of 6 months.